Letting Nature take its course, carry out as few operations as possible, but with precision. Simplex Natura was the Cistercian winemaking rule…

Since the taking over of the Cellier’s vines in 2006, the team  has  stopped using herbicides and pesticides, returning to regular ploughing of the soil to encourage deeper roots, stimulate soil organisms, and let Nature take its course. In its quest for excellence and respect of Nature , the Domaine decided in 2015 to move gradually to organic and then biodynamic farming and winemaking.


This “rebirth” of the vineyard has seen a return of numerous flora and fauna with an impressive biodiversity: from coveys of young partridges to hares, wild orchids… and numerous weeds, requiring manual hoeing.

In 2015, the Domaine completed the construction of a unique full gravity winery. Built in the old quarry of Givry, below the historical Cellier, this winery works on  four levels, from grapes sorting, down to fermentation, barrel aging, assembling and bottling, with no pumping. This allows to reduce naturally oxydation of juices and wines during all the process. Three levels on four are underground, allowing optimal temperature and humidity with minimal energy consumption. Inspired by Cistercian architecture, the winery is perfectly integrated in the local environment.